Remarketing and retargeting leads

When marketing your brand, you can’t always rely on the first visit to your website for the audience to take an action that results in a sale. That’s why remarketing to leads is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy.

Our remarketing services comprise automated strategies like advertising and content & email marketing efforts at the right time, to get valuable results from retargeted leads.

We use online retargeting campaigns to bring leads who showed interest in your brand, back into the sales funnel. Remarketing to leads is one of the most effective measures to take to ensure that your marketing budget is delivering on more ROI and that you are not wasting valuable leads.

Automated remarketing strategies: Social Media Management is not just about postings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst or Instagram. It needs a tailored approach which is driven by your brands target audience and objectives. Weaving right communication strategy, visual appeal and data analysis forms the core of successful social media strategy.
We offer end to end social media management services. Our team of digital marketing experts will take you through a ultimate marketing experience. Social Media is vast, and we know what fits better for your business needs. We proudly assure the connect of your brand with customers and to build a engaging community around your brand.

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Our Approach to Successful
Social Media Strategy

Successful social media strategy can never works on ‘One Size Fits All’ approach. It always needs an exclusive approach, as no two brands can be the same. There is always a difference in target audience, objectives, brand persona & perceptions, geography, cultural nuances and many more differentiating factors.

Our Social Media Strategy is driven by following 3 steps:

Before defining any strategy, we get to the core to first understand your objectives and expectations. Your brand objectives can be different as product sales, getting subsribers, product launch, pre-launch buzz or teaser, registrations or to increase user engagement.

Its crucial to understand your brand & its audience persona. Based upon which we decide the content strategy, tonality, user engagement tactics and campaigns etc. Selection of social media channels, posting frequency and execution is then planned in accordance.

Once we understand the objectives, brand & it’s audience; we then formulate a well thought and weaved social media strategy. We believe in defining the KPI’s ahead of time so that we (you and us) understand what has to be achieved and ensure that there is no expectation mismatch.

Activities part of our online Retargeting and Remarketing Services

There are multiple activities which are part of our retargeting and remarketing services. Here are a few listed for your reference:

Social media management is an umbrella for the social media services comprising both the organic and paid efforts.

With businesses extending their production and bringing innovation in their products, the need for a marketing method that can meet the challenges involved in it is necessary. Social media management works like a charm by managing various tasks involved in daily marketing activities through social media.

Till date, we have helped more than 450 brands have a social media presence that keeps them connected with people. 

Here are some of the activities that will solve your brand’s social media puzzle…

Social Media Profiles Management

Talking to different audiences as a person can be difficult for you. With our social media management services you will be able to handle many of your social media profiles and talk with millions of people at the same time across different platforms.

If you have different locations, for say, of your business or an entity, we provide a separate profile for every different entity.

Content Creation & Postings

Social media profile of every brand and person has different needs of content. Our social media management package contains the creation of content that would engage your audiences. Creative content plays a major role in building a brand presence in social media jungle and our social media management strategy never compromises on content creation and regular postings. We create a content calendar for you according to the brand USPs and persona.

Analytics and Data Reporting

Analyzing the results of a social media management strategy is as important as regularly keeping in touch with your fans and audience. 

Which one of my profiles are doing better than the other one? What my competitors are doing online? Are they doing anything different? Can we do something other than what they are doing? How people on my social media are responding to my posts? 

We cover all your questions with strong analytics and detailed reports that can be easily understood by you. Our reporting formats are way easier to digest than any other social media management companies.

Determining the results, we can easily change the social media approach for you.

Brand Conversation Tracking

We track mentions of your brand on a daily basis. People not always talk to your brand by the intent of purchase. With brand conversion tracking, we manage to understand their needs, requirements and intent. If your customer needs a service for a particular product, you should provide the message for service and not for the new product.

Getting detailed reports of the conversion made online is another part of our social media management services.

Social Media Advertising

With your customers spending most of their time on social media, capturing their attention with attractive social media advertising will definitely make a difference in your sales. We are an experienced social media management company that not only manage social media but advertise your brand efficiently on social media channels.

Reputation Management

Damaged social media presence will impact your business. Our social media experts will gather your customers’ queries on your behalf and satisfy their needs according to your business standards. Maintaining your social media reputation is on priority before starting actual posting and creating brand awareness etc.

Influencers Outreach

Getting help from celebrities and people with fame for brand promotion has been a thing of marketing activities since ages. Now the social media possesses many of these celebrities who can easily increase your sales with their posts. Promoting your business through people having a better fan-following and then paying them a fair amount for the activity is the real-trend nowadays. Our social media managers have good contacts over the network where we can promote your brand through channels like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Video Production

Visuals do play an important role in brand promotion. With a video that explains your brand, products and services, we can promote your brand in front of millions. At SocialChamps, we have expert video producers who engage your audience with attractive videos that can be played on any device and platform.

What you get when you partner with us

At its core, our full-service digital marketing solutions create synergetic relationships between producers and consumers through agile brand management and communication strategies.

  • Social Media marketing and brand management to boost your online presence.
  • Display advertising on e-commerce portals with a focus on ROI for your marketing spends.
  • Relevant social media marketing to get people to hear about your brand when it suits their lifestyle and taste.
  • Timely and targeted outreach efforts to boost audience acquisition and retention. 
  • Growth marketing with comprehensive sales funnels that extracts more value and referrals from sign-ups.
  • We identify key performance indicators that can be tracked to calculate the performance of campaigns.
  • We offer a tactical strategy to get the best result from your overall digital strategy.
  • PPC and SEM campaigns to tap into google search traffic and increase website visits. 
  • SEO and Website Development to improve the ranking of your business on search pages.
  • Content Marketing, Email marketing, etc to keep your audience up-to-date with the latest updates
  • Creative designers and programmers to assist in creating your event image and presence online.

Looking to amplify your brand presence?

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