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At SocialChamps we use marketing automation that drives up ROI for your app.We analyze accurate data and in-app behaviour with the latest tech-stack tools for applications.

Our goal is to meet pre-planned targets for marketing your app. We use customer centric approaches for mobile marketing to pinpoint and target users based on their apps and social media habits.

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Many mobile developers create a powerful application but face challenges when marketing their technology to users. We specialize in creating viable data driven strategies for mobile apps to engage their audience and increase the volume of downloads, using mobile app marketing and app engagement.

Insights to boost downloads

To resolve the marketing needs of mobile developers, we offer an inventory of digital services that focus on differentiating your product from the competition. We offer a solution to everyday obstacles in marketing app downloads while maintaining that you offer innovation, transparency, and simplicity to your clients.

Mobile app marketing

We have a specialized team of marketers who engage in social media and notification marketing for phone apps. We offer a tactical strategy to get the best result toward your overall growth by boosting advertising at definitive moments and precisely timing app engagements.

Multi-channel presence on app stores and social media

We leverage application store tools to take your ranking to the top, weather on iPhone or Android.
You want more downloads, but do you have a robust description for our app? Want to get your app talked about on social media? Want to increase followers online? Looking for influencers to speak for you? With over a decade of marketing influence online. there’s very little we can’t do to bring you success.

We plot from the Pre-launch stage

We don’t believe in touch and go marketing strategies. Our marketing techniques are precisely targeted, and are pre planned in a way that you can see a steady growth of followers and downloads resulting from our evolved marketing automation..

The latest Tech-stack for apps

We help you acquire the tech stack that you can trust to bring success.Our tech-stack recommendation is listed by experts who work closely with your marketing team to create a robust app marketing itinerary.

We keep an eye on user behaviour

It’s safe to say that mobiles have taken over a huge portion of the consumers time. It’s not because they’re making more phone calls, but because they’re constantly scrolling through apps, social media and engaging in e-shopping using their phone.

Activities part of advertising campaigns audit services

We offer end-to-end digital marketing services that give businesses an edge. Our mobile app download and engagement services include the following verticals:

App store optimization

We optimize your product on app stores by targeting high volume keywords to increase your app search ranking. We strategize your app store optimization to give meaningful results on your ROI.

App install campaigns

We promote mobile apps in the Play Store and iOS by creating advertisements that increase your downloads. We reach out to audiences that are interested in Apps like yours, through specific targeting and optimising the visibility of your product.

App Marketing automation

Our marketing campaigns are dynamic and multifaceted to reach the audience across different media platforms. We automate campaigns to nurture leads at various stages of the buyer journey, across multiple channels like mail, social media, web, mobile and more.

App engagement campaigns

Our app engagement campaigns send out timely reminders to users, to check-in to your application and perform a specific action. We create convincing content, and analyse data from app engagement campaigns to understand how your app engagement is performing from the user standpoint.

Cost per install marketing via affiliate networks

We use a ‘Cost per install’ approach to your marketing campaigns. We recommend a pricing model for affiliate networks that promote your brand, based on the number of confirmed installs by real users. A CPI style of pricing protects your budget and offers the best ROI for your spends.

App reputation model

We manage the way that consumers see your mobile app. We do this in such a way that your general reputation stays constant across all channels. We manage your reputation across numerous platforms and improve the rating of your app.

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SocialChamps is a leading digital agency with offices in India and California, having served 450+ clients in over 20 countries. We’ve worked with numerous real estate brands in South Asia and the USA. As a digital marketing agency, we offer dedicated staff verticals for companies looking to engage in market strategies, digital auditing, digital marketing campaigns, and development services in the real estate market, banking, hospitality market, and more.

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