Content creation and posting; what it can do for your business.

Searching for great content marketing services online is like digging for gold. Our formulae for creating effective content is by writing authentic value driven communication that is grammatically flawless, visually mind blowing and time bound in delivery to your brand.

A dedicated offshore content strategy team
We are an award winning digital marketing agency with a separate vertical for content creation services that include videos, blogs, email campaigns, web events and more. Our flexible structure allows us to work with brands individually with dedicated digital specialists.
With 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and after helping 400+ clients reach their marketing goal, we know the importance of quality and time bound communication.

Content writing is just a part of it

Our content writing services are driven by experienced writers who are familiar with marketing.

Grow your influence on
facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Social media platforms are driven by content. Our social media content marketing strategy uses data driven analytics to monitor the performance of your content to deliver more ROI.

Our content team comprises the best designers, producers and writers under one roof, with the help of project managers who oversee our creative output. We regularly update our content team with new ideas and encourage free thinking.

We do deep research into your content strategy and cross reference that with how your ads are performing. Our content strategy is data driven at every stage so that we know when to refresh your content to create greater interest.

All our content creation is guided by a strategy that reduces churn rate, increases readership, reduces bounce rate and outshines competing brands. Our KPIs are collected to give you a comprehensive report of how our strategy is gaining traction.

Activities part of content creation and posting services

There are multiple activities which are part of our content and posting services. Here are a few listed for your reference:

Content and communication strategies

We use a systematic process to create a content strategy that leverages your brands best points. Our content strategy is backed by segmentation of the audience and step by step communication objectives to attract customers to your brand.

Analytics and Data Reporting

Keyword Research & Analytics:

We do SEO keyword research before making critical decisions for your brand.
We develop a content architecture for posting, that is planned in a way that we are able to measure the impact of the content on end goals.

Social Media Content Creation

At SocialChamps we believe that being social is good. We understand the social media landscape and user behavior well. Depending on requirements like Engagement, Traffic, Sales etc, we create creative social media content. We develop various formats of content which are not limited to the likes of Quizzes, Poles, Campaigns, Creative visuals etc.

Copywriting services

Our web copy and copywriting services create a voice and personality for your brand. Our copywriters understand the core of your brand. They then write a copy that speaks your brand’s language.

Visual Graphic Creation

We add smart and witty visual graphics to your brand marketing in order to let your brand have a visual language of its own. Our visual graphics team uses visual theory to create designs that are unique to your brand and magnetic to its audience.

Publishing and Scheduling

We automate the process of publishing and scheduling your content online. This gives us the advantage of always being one step ahead when creating content for you brand. Our tracking and monitoring system ensures that your brand is reaching as many interested users as possible.

Content Optimisation

Optimized content gets you better ranking on search engines like google. We ensure to create and optimise your content, be it on your website or social media, with the goal of bringing your content to the front page.

Marketing collaterals

Our copy team is well versed in creating smart content for brand collaterals. We’ve worked with numerous brands to create collaterals that follow their brand guidelines and specific needs.

Video Production

You can rely on us when your brand needs animation or video content. We not only create video content but also have the power to promote it on social media and websites. Video production is a great way to let your brand speak for itself.

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SocialChamps is a leading digital agency with offices in India and California, having served 450+ clients in over 20 countries. We’ve worked with numerous real estate brands in South Asia and the USA. As a digital marketing agency, we offer dedicated staff verticals for companies looking to engage in market strategies, digital auditing, digital marketing campaigns, and development services in the real estate market, banking, hospitality market, and more.

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