Pace your marketing with Content Audit

A content audit is surely one of the best things you can do to improve the performance of your website and content marketing online.
When doing a content audit we take a close look at all the content on your website and assess it for strengths and weaknesses. We then prioritize your future marketing goals to create an actionable strategy for your business.

A to Z content auditing services
We first understand your marketing goals and identify key performance indicators of these goals.
We then do a qualitative analysis of your content strategy to identify what content is really paying off and what content needs improvement.
We give you insights into where you can improve your content strategy and focus on creating transformative content marketing models that deliver on ROI for your business.

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Drive more website traffic

Content strategy plays a vital role in driving the traffic on your website. We take a look at the page optimization qualities of your content, and what kind of content your audience responds to best. We offer actionable strategies for ways to better leverage your content to grow the number of website visits.

Competition audit

Our content audit strategy does not work in isolation. We carefully do an analysis of keywords and content your competitors are using so that we can generate more insights to rank your business on search engines In this way we are able to create a strategy that takes into consideration what your consumers are reading and searching online, on the whole.

Detailed action roadmap

Having a direction to take forward your content strategy is important in many ways. It gives you a check list of deliverables that you can use to enhance your website’s productivity and achieve calculated goals within a specified time frame. We offer a detailed road map for your content strategy, that if followed properly will ensure you get the results you have been waiting for.

Tools Recommendation

It goes without saying that in online marketing you need all your tools in one place to smoothly run your digital campaigns. We pick out and recommend the tools that will help you manage projects, run content campaigns, report on your social media marketing and optimize your digital marketing performance.

Analytics Consulting

For planning a large scale advertising campaign or managing an online portal, streamlining the automation of analytics is key. We act as your tech-stack consultant by recommending much-needed tools & systems to ensure results. We can also help you create transformative marketing strategies for your business.

Activities part of content audit services

There are multiple activities which are part of our content audit services. Here are a few listed for your reference:

Audience Identification

We identify the right audience for your content using audience segmentation based on user interest, age, interests, geographic location and more.

Empathy Mapping

We use empathy mapping to identify how readers of your content will react to your content. Using empathy mapping we find a shared understanding of your audience needs, and understand their decision making process.

Persona Creation

We create and understand the personas that may be interested in your brand. These personas can be useful for identifying your user segmentation and targeting.>

Quantitative Analysis

We do a quantitative analysis of your brand’s content and look at it from a 360 degree vantage. We ensure that your brand creates enough content that is spread out to engage customers wherever they may be on the internet.

Qualitative Analysis

We do a quantitative analysis of the users of your brand as well as your content. We look for areas of improvement and create content accordingly, to attract customers and generate clicks.

Document Write Ups

We do writeups and white paper jobs for your business. Our writeups involve a huge amount of research that is then converted to engaging content, based on the purpose you wish to fulfil.

Action Prioritisation

We prioritize your content into a user journey that engages users from one step to the next. We create engaging funnels that increase your lead acquisition and followers online.

Delivery Workflow

We do a content delivery workflow that is engaging to users online. Our workflow begins with content creation and continues on to the publishing phase. We monitor content after it’s published so that your web presence is always up front with efficient content.

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