We at socialchamps are dedicated to make the project life cycle easier for our clients. Over the period while working with clients, we have made our process robust enough to ensure smooth execution.

Our Process Management:

1. Requirements Gathering:

We have certain set of questions, which covers the required information. We provide you such questionnaire, to gather required information.

2. Research and analysis:

We have developed an internal research framework, which divides the project into certain research segments and our digital teams do the in-depth research on all those aspects. Such internal research helps us to better understand the client project and to make further action plans.

3. One project, one manager policy:

To make the communication flow easier for you, we have been following ‘One Project – One Manager’ policy, which says that for your any questions/concerns may it be about sales, project management or accounts, only one person will be answerable. It would make the communication flow easier and better.

4. Acknowledgement in 12 working hours.

Time is considered as a critical resource at SocialChamps. We value the time for both of us. Any questions/concerns asked are answered in 12 working hours. While working with clients from other parts of the globe, it builds trust and ensure that we are with you all the way.

5. Project Management:

The social media project are lengthy, as it goes on and on. Its very important to have a solid project management practices in place to track, monitor and measure the work. We use ‘TeamLab’ as a project management application and clients get access to their project to monitor the work, ask questions and comment on it.

6. Documentation:

We firmly believe in documentation whether its about the NDA, contract agreement, invoices or Skype Communication, we document everything with us. It ensures that no data is lost during communication.