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Education has now become global, thanks to digital technology. Larger chunk of overall admission process is now driven on digital channels. Be it giving the online entrance exams, checking scores, finding college, comparing them or buying the admission forms; its all digital. We work with you at every step to understand and ensure your strategy is fused with the new media and technology platforms to create an excellent user experience and increase admissions. In addition, we provide you with custom reporting as per quantitative and qualitative data at each step to help you in your decision-making process.

The decision making has been largely influenced by Digital.

With ruthless competition, the education sector is now struggling to get the best students, isn’t it?

Yes, it is. 

You have the best infrastructure with smart features, best faculty for your students, affordable fees structure and whatnot. Still your students are not able to find you? Is there anything wrong? Maybe your marketing efforts are going in the left direction. Let us fix them right.

In a saturated industry, how can your brand stand out from the crowd and get an image of a trusted education provider?

Using the right digital marketing strategy for educational institutes has helped a very few renowned names get a brand tag. Come, join the league.

A majority of the students, their parents or guardians are making a decision about the education based on online information, so, providing your potential students the right set of information at their convenient time and places are necessary.

Making your brand visible is the main aim of our strategical digital marketing in the education industry.

Today, digital marketing is necessary for an education facility like a small nursery school up to the top universities in the world. We create a 360-degree digital marketing strategy according to the institutes finding the right students.

What is affecting the educational marketing in this 5G era?

Enrollment rate has increased since the evolution of the Internet, and it’s becoming harder for educational institutes to handle the enrollment, inquiries and admissions. Choosing the right candidate for the course has become difficult as the number of irrelevant applications is also increasing. A restricted approach in marketing, time taking process of analysis, the costlier marketing activities and improper tracking have made it nearly impossible to fulfil the classes and courses. 

So what digital marketing services for the education sector can do for you?

There’s no doubt that digital marketing in the education industry is an essential part of today’s education world due to the shift of internet technology and online availability of media. The world is facing the digital revolution and there’s no going back.

To stay on the top of the game, brands need to embrace the rocket of the digital marketing for educational institutions and thus we make a ‘Strategy’ that will help you glide through the difficult paths of marketing goals.

With SocialChamps, you get marketing mediums where your potential students are staying always.

What are those?

  1. Social Media
  2. Google
  3. Emails

These are just the understandable terms for common users; we give you a brief of the technical as well as a creative digital marketing strategy for educational institutes…

Mobile application
Technical SEO
Link Building
Re-targeting campaigns
Strategical Ad placement
On-Page SEO
Conversion oriented content
Traffic oriented content
Social sharing oriented content
Stakeholder networking
Effective pitch writing
Media attention
Identifying your podium
Going Live
Always active Chatbots

Well, let’s start with Mobile Optimization. How about we spread your brand image to the devices and platforms where your audiences virtually live? Mobile devices, tablets and wearable, as well as smart devices, are the things which students are stuck nowadays. Smartly placing the ads and giving them the results when they search on mobile devices will help you a lot. We get your educational website optimized for these devices and drive advertising campaigns smoothly.

Another thing that will help you is a technical SEO. Today, SEO is not just about language and keywords, technical SEO is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy for educational institutes. We remove all the technical glitches from your website such as broken/missing XML sitemaps, 404 errors, reproduced, duplicate & irrelevant content and slow speed of website etc. while performing SEO.

An effective SEO strategy must have link building. We gather quality backlinks for your educational portal and make its presence strong. With the help of backlinks for your website, we retain your visitors for longer times.

Some of the students might have visited your website, social media platforms or app, why not remind them that you are still there for them? With our retargeting campaigns, it becomes easy to recall them about your educational institute. 

Running ads on social media and search engines is easy but it is hard to get authentic inquiries and calls if you are not using strategy in advertisement placement. Our expert analysts and advertising experts make sure you get better inquiries within your budget.

Other than these, On-Page SEO, Conversion oriented content, Traffic oriented content, Social sharing oriented content, Stakeholder networking, Effective pitch writing, Media attention, Identifying your podium, Going Live on social media platforms, and implementing chatbots on your websites will help you get better results in limited marketing spend with our effective digital marketing services for the education sector.

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Your web presence is the first and critical step to build the digital growth plan. Students seek all the information about your institute/educational product before making the decision of taking the admission or buying your educational products. We very well understand the students web behavior and that replicates quite well on website.

Its crucial to map the students’ digital journey and understand the various touch points. Planning the media is another key to success. We have a team of certified professionals and we are also an official ‘Google Partner’ agency. We carry strong expertise in digital media planning.

Planning & managing affiliates can get you quick return. We do work with major affiliates like, Minglebox, Pagalguy and many more. We ensure that your budgets are invested at right places.

Building a robust brand is very important to attract bright candidates for admission. We assist brands in planning the right strategies to reach target audience and build user engagements via multiple tactics. Social Media acts as a key driver to engage with young students.

With the increasing multichannel user interaction, it is very important to keep your brand interaction at every touch point. Be it email sequence to create awareness and build trust via email sequencing or building chat bots for live support; we do it all to ensure that no stones are unturned. Admission seekers are addressed, nurtured and brand recall is being taken care of.

Online reviews of User feedbacks on forums can be a game changer. Students believe a lot on user feedback about your brand/institutes. Hence social listening and ORM is essentially a critical element for educational brands. We actively monitor your brands mention across the web; be it social media, forms, blogs or other such channels.

If you don’t need complete funnel management

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If you need to execute a dead task as we are a crazy bunch of 45+ inquisitive & challenge hungry minds!

If you are not looking for a dedicated team

If you are wary of precise ad targeting for quality leads

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If you don’t wish to boost your sales in minimal spent

If you are willing to spend more for obtaining a lead

Have an interesting project instead?

Don’t Hire Us!

If you need to execute a dead task as we are a crazy bunch of 45+ inquisitive & challenge hungry minds!

If you don’t need complete funnel management

If you are not looking for a dedicated team

If you are wary of precise ad targeting for quality leads

If you are apprehensive about our creative side

If you don’t wish to boost your sales in minimal spent

If you are willing to spend more for obtaining a lead

Have an interesting project instead?

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