B2B Lead Genration

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    Charles Roonie

    How to generate quality B2B leads through online marketing?

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    B2B business are tough nuts to crack. Here are few things which works well for B2B:

    Content Marketing – Prepare Case Studies, Research Reports & Whitepapers. Use them as lead magnets.
    LinkedIn Advertising: Using Content in-line with LinkedIn targeting options works wonders.
    SlideShare: Slideshare premium is also a good tool for lead generation.
    Google Search Campaigns: Volumes might be less, costs might be higher but you will get quality for sure.
    Facebook Designation Based Targeting: Not as effective as Linkedin, but still worth trying.
    Custom Audience: If you have database, go with custom audience, its very cost effective and works best.
    Remarketing & Retargeting: At last, do google remarketing & Facebook retargeting for the website visitors. As B2B sales cycles are higher, it makes sense.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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