Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management (SMM) service is focused towards increasing user engagement. Study of your target customers’ behavior on social media coupled with right content strategy ensures that your brand gets the desired response

Social Media has emerged as an interactive direct communication channel, where you can not only precisely target potential customers, but build a two way communication to pitch-in your product, get live feedback and spread word of mouth

Social Media Management is not just about postings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst or Instagram. It needs a tailored approach which is driven by your brands target audience and objectives. Weaving right communication strategy, visual appeal and data analysis forms the core of successful social media strategy.

We offer end to end social media management services. Our team of digital marketing experts will take you through a ultimate marketing experience. Social Media is vast, and we know what fits better for your business needs. We proudly assure the connect of your brand with customers and to build a engaging community around your brand.

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Our Approach to Successful Social Media Strategy


Successful social media strategy can never works on ‘One Size Fits All’ approach. It always needs an exclusive approach, as no two brands can be the same. There is always a difference in target audience, objectives, brand persona & perceptions, geography, cultural nuances and many more differentiating factors.
Our Social Media Strategy is driven by following 3 steps:

1. Objectives & Expectations

Before defining any strategy, we get to the core to first understand your objectives and expectations. Your brand objectives can be different as product sales, getting subsribers, product launch, pre-launch buzz or teaser, registrations or to increase user engagement.

2. Brand & Audience Research

Its crucial to understand your brand & its audience persona. Based upon which we decide the content strategy, tonality, user engagement tactics and campaigns etc. Selection of social media channels, posting frequency and execution is then planned in accordance.

3. Strategy & KPIs

Once we understand the objectives, brand & it’s audience; we then formulate a well thought and weaved social media strategy. We believe in defining the KPI’s ahead of time so that we (you and us) understand what has to be achieved and ensure that there is no expectation mismatch.

Activities part of Social Media Management

There are multiple activities which are part of our Social Media Management services. Here are a few listed for your reference:

Social Media Profiles Management
Content Creation & Postings
Analytics and Data Reporting
Brand Conversation Tracking
Social Media Advertising
Reputation Management
Influencers Outreach
Video Production

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