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    Anny Grant

    Yes why not!
    E-commerce is the need of tomorrow as we can see the current situation like COVID19 pandemic no one wants to go outside and in western countries e-commerce business are on top for delivering the best service to needy people at there door.
    Here is the list of E-commerce seo strategies:
    1. Unique & Engaging Product Descriptions
    2. Structured Data for Enhanced Search Results and Improved CTR
    3. Mobile Optimization
    4. Increase Site Speed and Decrease Page Load Times
    5. Internal Linking Relevant Products, Categories, and Resources

    in reply to: SEO tools #20475
    Anny Grant

    As a digital marketer I am using Ahrefs from past 1 year and it is one of the best seo tool available in market today. It will help your business to get organic traffic by understanding the competitor strategies like link building, top page , content gap, seo audit, etc

    in reply to: How to optimize Google My Business Page? #20472
    Anny Grant

    Firtly you have to optimize your business with local seo, you have to pay more attention on category under which your business will listed.

    1. Review plays an important role in Google put the genuine review on listing
    2. Post the content and images on weekly basis which will increase the presence of local seo
    3. Try to put review from local guide as google give more preference to them.

    Anny Grant

    This update involves a language processing technology which is called BERT.
    1. This update will help to understand the user intent in terms of search queries.
    2. It will also impact on featured snippets across multiple languages.

    How to save your website from the BERT?

    1. Focus on writing better content for your users to get more engagement.
    2. Focus on creating incredible experiences for your potential audience.
    3. More focus on Longtail keyword ranking performance

    in reply to: Google Ads #17770
    Anny Grant

    As you mention above you are getting clicks but no conversion. I will mention few points here which will help you to get solution from it:
    1.You have to understand the search intent as people visit google for specific thing.
    2.In google adwords extension play an important role so you have to use each and every extension which will describe your business more easily.
    3.Your ad copy is not relevant to the user search query or user is not able to find any thing useful for him.

    Just fallow above steps to get better result.

    in reply to: Match types in Google Ads #15905
    Anny Grant

    Setting up your Google Ad campaign for the first time, remember the most important part of Google Ad is keyword selection with proper match type as it controls which search query will trigger the appearance of your ads.
    Coming to Match type:
    1.Broad Match: The default option in Google Ads you will see while creating the campaign. Choosing this match type you can reach the wider audience but it provides less control over your ads. The broad match also shows synonyms of your keyword.
    2.Broad Match Modifier: This match type control who will see your ad by locking specific words into a key phrase with the + symbol.For example Rain+boots
    3.Phrase Match: In this result will appear in the exact phrase considering prefix and suffix to your quoted phrase. This type of match is very much helpful to get business for your keyword. For example- “cricket shoes” will be your keyword but people searching for -buy cricket shoes will also rank as I mention above it consider the prefix and suffix with your keyword.
    4.Exact Match: This match is defined by adding brackets [your keyword] in it. For example- It will show the exact result to the user with a keyword like [shoes for men] but here you have to pay more to get more clicks because you will get tough competition here.
    I hope you have understood the Match type.

    in reply to: Tools to track Voice Search traffic from google #15866
    Anny Grant

    As many people used to type keywords when they conduct searches on their computers, most of them don’t do the same when they search for identical information on a mobile device so it will depend on your device also.

    In general, people use voice search to find information about the physical locations they want to visit, as Google search console is the tool to track voice search data as like normal search query.

    in reply to: video marketing or content marketing #15838
    Anny Grant

    As we know that people like to watch a video rather than reading a content, Nowadays you can see many businesses are uploading a video on their website to reduce the bounce rate which will help them to build authentication to rank better in the search engine.
    For example Youtube,
    An important advantage of uploading your videos on YouTube is immediately indexed by Google which is the best part of it. Here, you have to focus on the title and description of your video from the SEO point of view.
    As compare to content marketing it take some time to rank in search engine. There is no wait time for search engine bots to crawl your videos, as there is no need to submit a new video site map when you are looking for video content.
    Coming to content marketing you have to focus more on it as the content is king for any website. If you have to rank on search engine focus on content first as the content is the only identity for website which helps the user to get the best result when he/she type on the search engine.

    in reply to: How long does it take to get organic traffic through SEO? #15694
    Anny Grant

    SEO is a long time process as it takes 2-6 months to get the result in the search engine. As comparing with PPC It doesn’t deliver immediate results. You will not able to get organic traffic immediately after your website is launched. As the duration depends largely on the keywords on your website.
    Now coming to SEO technique you have to work on content as content is a king and a big game changer in SEO.
    1. Firstly start with content optimization on the website where you will work on the keyword.
    2. Promote your blogs internally as well as externally with primary keyword related to your business.
    3. Doing backlink activity on quality sites will help you to gain your rank fast.
    4. Focus more on your website content on page activity and then off page activity.

    in reply to: What is Quality Score in Google AdWords? #15658
    Anny Grant

    Quality score is track in Google AdWords as it shows each keyword in your account and gives a score out of 10. As it is assigned to each keyword that you have set in your google AdWords account and changes based on a variety of factors that change over time by Google. you have to keep updated yourself every time.
    Quality score is updated by Google every time as a search result is carried out in which your ad copy is triggered in SERP page however it can take some time to achieve significant changes in keyword quality score. For more details, you can read Search engine land.

    Anny Grant

    As we know this was a big update by Google. As Google does several large core updates every year and Google confirmed this was one of those major broad core updates this year.

    Google’s Florida Update was an important one at the beginning of 2000. This March 12th update happened a week after another PubCon conference held in Florida.

    Coming to Florida update- This Update brings along with its important changes in the way Google indexed the websites, and this will cause heavy fluctuations in the organic ranking of websites on Google to search and this update will mostly focus on content which relevant to user search term query and will show the best result to the user as per my opinion.

    As this updated is not fully released still SEO expert is having little confusion related to it.

    in reply to: Why Social Media Marketing #15502
    Anny Grant

    Social media is the best platform to promote your business or brand and get more interaction with users by posting the content and latest information related to your brand.

    Here you will get more interaction in a short period of time as you can create brand awareness among the audience. There are many ways to promote your brand using social media platforms like Facebook which is widely used by the user nowadays.

    You can also promote your brand by boosting your post on the social media platform. Nowadays people are purchasing products from social media platforms so many e-commerce businesses are using social media as their online marketing platform.

    You can also get more traffic to your website through social media so it will help to rank your website in search engine result page.

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