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    The year 2020 has certainly taught us many things, one of them being the importance of online presence and visibility. So here are some tactics for your SEO strategy to practice in 2021:

    => Access your current SEO Performance. Evaluate organic visibility, your keyword ranking and brand vs nonbrand traffic split, etc.

    => Carry an SEO Analysis of your competitors: Look for your competitor’s page with the most traffic. This is where you’ll determine what type of content you should be adding to your website too.

    => Determine your online marketing Goals. Expressing your goals will help you in guiding the formation of your SEO strategy.

    => Define or Redefine main keywords and topic. By mapping out your primary keywords for your pillar pages, topic clusters, and secondary clusters, you can create a more focused content and keyword strategy.

    => Audit The Current Content Of Your Website. An Audit of your existing content will help you with identifying the content that needs to be removed or improved and content that works well with your newly defined topic cluster or keyword.

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    Some of the smart Activities to get quality backlinks to your website include:

    1. Brand Mentions: Increase brand mentions by engaging with social media audiences and work to provide valuable answers whenever possible to build authority and trust.

    2. Commenting: Blog commenting might no longer sound meaningful but instead it will help you build relationships with blog owners and other commenters.

    3. Forum: Make sure to create a complete profile along with an anchor in the signature so that whenever you comment the signature displays along with your anchor. Try to search on forums that offer do-follow links.

    4. Guest Posting: Identify the keyword that you are interested in and then search on Google in this pattern: Keyword + “write for us” or Keyword + “become a contributor” or Keyword + “contribute” or Keyword + “Guest blogging”.

    5.Social Networking: When content gets clicks from multiple IPs it appears more authoritative by sending a signal to Google that multiple visitors around the globe are accessing the content.

    6. Content Marketing: Always try to repurpose the content piece keeping your audience and resource in mind, and take advantage of the boost different types of content can get from different social networks.

    To know more about Seo Services check this out.

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    Since SEO is an area with ever-diversifying limits and standards. The SEO standards and trends vary with different industries. And Medical SEO is one with less talked about.

    So Let’s discuss a few tips that will help you Step up your medical SEO in 2021.

    1. Identify your Zero-click search pages and optimize.
    You can start answering question-based search queries and keywords for topics that you specialize in.

    2. Prioritize your Mobile SEO
    This entails improvement on your mobile user experience and syncing technical SEO efforts for both desktop and mobile.

    3. User experience should be the primary focus
    Page load speed doesn’t only affect your website traffic. According to SEO experts, your website’s user experience also influences your ranking on Google! Build a user-friendly site structure so that your patients can easily find the information they need on your website.

    4. Make use of influencer Marketing
    As a medical practitioner, reviews from your patients improve your reputation and credibility online.

    5. Use Google My Business to optimize your Local SEO
    Google My Business profile plays a major role in your SEO efforts as it helps you gain credibility and popularity as a medical expert in your field.

    6. Optimize your content with Photos and Videos.
    Repurpose your blogs and other content into video formats and don’t forget to embed these videos in between related pages on your site.

    7. VOICE SEARCH (VSEO) is next to dominate
    When writing content, experiment and incorporate long-tail keywords that patients are likely to ask in a voice search.

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    in reply to: Does Page Speed really affect SEO? #31103

    The short answer is that page speed will have a sway on SEO. Page speed may be a direct ranking element, as Google’s rule Speed Update has created clear. Speed, on the opposite hand, will have an indirect impact on rankings by increasing bounce rates and decreasing dwell time.
    Users return initially at Google. In step with Google’s analysis, the typical 3G loading speed is kind of poor. Users leave the location after roughly three seconds, in step with the information. This means that their user expertise is poor, and Google doesn’t favor sites that deliver poor user experiences.

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    SEO roadmaps are necessary for achieving any SEO marketing objectives. They lay out a task prioritization hierarchy, show how deliverables fit into the overall strategy and give the team a general idea of which projects to focus on.
    Consider an SEO roadmap to be a strategic plan that keeps all SEO-related actions on track, reduces errors, and helps you make better decisions.
    An SEO roadmap is a document that lists the action steps for an SEO campaign in order of importance.
    Your team will be able to respond to market changes more quickly with the help of roadmaps.

    An SEO roadmap aids in the prioritisation of fast victories and the planning of larger projects.

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    The quality score of Google depends on three components such as Click-through rate (CTR), Ad relevance and landing page exposure. Each component can be rated below average, average or above average.

    The quality score is Google’s rating of the overall user exposure that your google ads and landing pages serve when the users search for your keywords. This is represented on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest google score.


    Every business person understands the importance of ranking in the top position in the search engine. Moreover, to be on top of the search engine you can use Google algorithm tool which will significantly help you get a higher ranking. Also, there are multiple factors that affect the ranking of a search engine such as Keywords, content quality. Backlinks or interlinks. To make your website rank, search engines use various methods as they check the quality of your, links, content, website credibility score and much more.

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    The main difference between Google Adwords and Google Adsense is that Adword is designed for advertisers, which allows you to bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable google ads to appear in Google search results. The advertiser has to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search.
    Google Adsense is designed for publishers and is run by Google that allows publishers in the Google network of Content sites to serve authentic text, image, or video that is targeted to site content and audience.

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    The cost of hiring a website designer working offline or online, is very important these days that you form and maintain a website in this moving digital world. Now, here the question is “How much does it cost?” Averagely, the site cost mainly includes launching and designing. So, approximately it costs around $12,000 to $150,000, with the website maintenance cost ranges from $35 to $5000 per month or $400 to $60,000 per year.

    Web Design, Web Maintenance, and Web Marketing Cost
    Web Design $12,000 to $150,000 / design
    Website Maintenance $400 to $60,000 / year
    Website Marketing $2,500 to $12,000 / month

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    in reply to: How does a local retailer can use social media marketing #30954

    89% of marketers take social branding awareness as the main purpose. It goes without a doubt that at whatever stage your business is, it is unfeasible to neglect the negative feedback. Reputation is one of the most important assets for a brand. Your brand reputation signals to consumers whether or not you can be trusted with their time, energy, and money.

    But, that’s perfectly fine because just as there will be many complainers to push negative sentiments at your brand, there will be positive reviews as well. To tackle this situation, what you can do is to take help from social media for online reputation management. This blog is all about the social media strategies that you can easily implement for increasing brand awareness.

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    Top SEO ranking factors in 2021

    1. Backlinks
    2. High-Quality Content
    3. Keyword Optimization
    4. Website Loading time
    5. Search Intent

    in reply to: What is the best SEO Company in Dubai? #30904

    The answer can be found out by googling the query and then doing a bit of research about the companies that pop up from this quarry. Always check reviews and past work done by the companies and then compare the results.

    in reply to: What are the top SEO ranking factors in 2021? #30903

    The most important factors that count in ranking your website are:

      Quality of content.
      SEO includes Keywords, Page Speed, User Experience, etc.
      Links to and from your website.
      mobile optimization

    hopes it helps.

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