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      Guys please help me. I built a dating site and paid money into its promotion and developments. Things went well, there were many people registering. But last week 90% of its population disappeared. What could have happened?

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      Bolt Ligarus

      I guess you did something wrong and your promotion was wrong too. For this Google sanctioned you and all your visitors are now seeing competitors’ dating sites instead of yours.

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      The possible reasons for website traffic dropped are shown as follows

      1. Page speed is too low
      2. Competitor strategy is better than us
      3. Server issues
      4. Internal Navigation issues
      5. Technical Issues

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      You might wanna read up if there’s any latest Google update that contradicts the way you work on promotions/SEO. I’m not saying this is the reason, but such a sharp drop could only be possible via a Google penalty.

      You can also see if Google has taken any manual action against you in search console.

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