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      Good afternoon! Is the site still for sale? I will buy sites on the theme of casinos or sports betting with the entry of a key into the domain, at least with minimal traffic and an age of 2-3 years. Consider all options at any price. (but please set real prices for your projects so that the price-quality ratio is adequate). I am waiting for your offers by e-mail or skype live:.cid.12f967eaee9ccc4c

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      My friend and I were discussing how to increase our income. He told me that from time to time, he played online casinos and was able to make money from it. The friend knew that my father, at one time, suffered from a gambling addiction: my family and I even moved from a city apartment to the village, where our great-grandmother had an old house. So my companion thought I knew what it could lead to and would not get involved.He was wrong: I was left without a family and with debts of almost two million rubles because of gambling. But after a while, I learned to analyze my mistakes, and thanks to the games here at Fair Go, I won it all back and came out even in the big plus.

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