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Content Shock! – Is it real? How to respond to this?

Yes, we all know that content marketing plays a great role in brand awareness, audience engagement, targeting the right set of customers, so on and so forth.  But we have also heard about terms like content glut or content fatigue. Mark Schaefer with his blog post on “Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy”, coined the term “Content Shock”. The key focus of his thesis was

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Content Marketing – ROI or Creativity?

Content marketing today has left the safe world of ‘proof of concepts’ without budget to being a widely adopted marketing practice. Consequently, as content marketing becomes more pervasive across the customer–centric organization, conversation has moved to the thorny topic of ‘return on investment’ (ROI). But ROI shouldn’t be met by sharp intakes of breath content marketers. We know that content marketing works and is measurable. All it

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Context Marketing

In today’s world, real time is the only time that counts. Customers today want the right information at the right time. So how do we meet the demands of today’s customers? Here comes the concept of context marketing. What is Context Marketing? Content marketing on one side is marketing one’s brand/business/services by writing educational, informative and engaging content related to the product/services. This establishes the brand as

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Content Marketing in next 100 Years!

Content Marketing is all about adapting to the changes of the targeted consumer base. With the increased usage of tablets, smart phones and growing technology has made the content production easier but the sole purpose of marketing seems to be getting lost. Businesses today are spending billions of dollars on content marketing making it a verifiable opportunity to drive revenue. So what is the future of Content

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Facebook Instant Articles: Opportunities they offer to the publishers!

Facebook launched its instant article publishing platform to the entire publisher’s worldwide in April 2016 during its F8 conference. With this platform, anyone having a facebook page or a website will be able to put their content directly on facebook instead of posting links directing the users to click on their websites. This platform was launched in May 2015 to selective publishers to get their feedback and

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