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Facebook Bot Messengers: A New Revolution

In its F8 Developer Conference in April 2016, Facebook introduced the ‘Chat Bots’-which the developers can build into Facebook Messenger via an AI (artificial intelligence). Theoretically, these messenger bots will allow any user to interact with a brand/business/company or service over Facebook Messenger in a way as if they are conversing with a human being. Let’s take a look at the overall concept of these chat bots. […]

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Why one should invest in Digital Marketing?

Gone are the days of ‘interrupt marketing’ wherein people were interrupted to pay attention to the product promotion. For example: TV/radio ads, telemarketing calls, email campaigns etc. Online/digital marketing gives the ability to reach the customers to the door of the company. Planning to invest in Digital marketing? Today an average business spends around 2.5% of its annual revenue on digital marketing, as per Gartner. This seems […]

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Content Marketing in next 100 Years!

Content Marketing is all about adapting to the changes of the targeted consumer base. With the increased usage of tablets, smart phones and growing technology has made the content production easier but the sole purpose of marketing seems to be getting lost. Businesses today are spending billions of dollars on content marketing making it a verifiable opportunity to drive revenue. So what is the future of Content […]

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Prisma – The New Photo Editor!

Prisma a new camera app, released in June this year, transforms your photos into artworks. The app is said to use a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to give your photos a look of Picasso’s brush strokes. The app has taken social media by storm as it goes beyond overlays and basic filters, unlike other popular photo apps. It recreates the image from scratch exploring […]

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Live Video Streaming – FB Live Vs Google Hangout Vs Periscope

Social Media Players are again competing on the Mobile Live Video Streaming arena. What is Live Video Streaming? We all love to watch ‘Live’ sports or celebrity events. With social media taking over our maximum time and effort, there are businesses that broadcast live seminars, workshops, discussions, webinars etc to its global audience. Your viewing device could be your laptop, desktop, Smartphone, tablets or any digital screen […]

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How to influence your influencers

Who are the influencers? Now-a-day, social media plays a crucial role in promoting a brand or spreading any criticism. Gone is the age when people used to get influenced by newspaper ads. Today’s smart generation looks upon internet reviews, feedbacks and overall brands presence in the social market before putting their money into buying or selling something. Here is when an ‘influencer’ comes into picture. Influencers are […]

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The Video Battle: Facebook vs. YouTube vs. Amazon Video Direct

When it comes to online video, YouTube seems to have the popularity as well as the monopoly for the past decade. But with digital age setting in and online videos becoming pretty popular to create a buzz, marketing, and building brand awareness, many social media platforms entered this arena and tweaked it for better user experience. So will YouTube be losing its monopoly? Will platforms like Facebook […]

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Instagram changes its logo – like it or dislike it!

Instagram changed its logo last week and are we happy about it? There was a lot of buff over the social channels about the change – people were freaking out over the idea that the ‘old time camera’ look icon was finally ditched. But then, times are changing and so should we. The new logo caters to the current web visual appeal and aesthetic and works good […]

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Free-booting on Facebook? Not anymore!

Facebook announces its ‘Right Manager’ tool to assist its video community against free-booting (content that is re-uploaded without the creator’s permission or license). The tool will allow content owners to remove videos that are similar to their videos. The feature is almost similar to Content ID system of You Tube. Here, the tool uses a ‘fingerprinting’ system that matches the source files provided by the license holder […]

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